Afterwork is built by
and for event planners.

We're on a mission to revolutionize the corporate event planning space, one feature at a time.

We're not new to this at all.

Our entire team is made up of second time founders. Our journey in the corporate space started with gift-giving in the pandemic and has evolved into something so much bigger than ourselves. In our previous venture, we stumbled upon some interesting pain points.

People had a rejuvenated desire to host events of all kinds: happy hours, networking events, mixers, office parties, galas, you name it! The world lost out on almost three years of face-to-face interactions, creating the demand we're seeing today.

The only problem is, event planning is so much harder than it needs to be. Want to plan a party for work? Where are you going to host it? Who's bringing the food? Is there a theme? Who's in charge of the balloons?

And that's when we knew there was a Problem, with a capital P. There's an easier solution to event planning and it was sitting right in front of us this entire time. CONSOLIDATION.

Thus, Afterwork was born! Our new corporate events platform is all about consolidating every type of vendor you need for your events so that you can get to the fun faster. No more rabbit hole Google searches. No more late night Yelp stalking. All you need is Afterwork (once we roll out in your city)!