Salaam Foundation's Pancake & Waffle Fundraiser

Expanding a Non-Profit's reach in a new region - with a Pancake and Waffle Night! We're getting creative here.

Salaam Foundation, a well-known nonprofit organization with a presence in Texas, sought AfterWork's assistance to expand their network, brand, and donor base to the Bay Area.

The organization sought to create a ticketed donation event that would not only raise awareness for their cause but also provide attendees with an exceptional all-you-can-eat pancake and waffle experience.

Salaam Foundation aimed to foster community connections, introduce their mission to a new audience, and generate much-needed support.

Event Details:


  1. Expansion into a New Region: They wanted to establish a presence and expand their donor base in the Bay Area, but had limited connections & knowledge of local vendors and resources, as well as faced an unfamiliar audience.
  2. Conceptualizing a Unique Experience: Salaam Foundation envisioned an all-you-can-eat pancake and waffle night as a distinctive event to raise awareness. However, the team had limited prior event experience, particularly in executing a culinary-focused gathering.
  3. Volunteer Coordination: Coordinated volunteers for the event, including managing their roles, schedules, and communication.
  4. Limited Resources and Budget: Needed to optimize their resources and keep costs under control. They required efficient coordination to make the most of their budget and generate maximum impact.
  5. Coordinating Diverse Activities: The event required meticulous coordination of various activities, including the pancake and waffle stations, a raffle, a POC night market, and a vendor selling chai. Salaam Foundation needed assistance to seamlessly manage these aspects and create a cohesive experience.

AfterWork's Solutions:

  1. Venue Selection: Utilized the AfterWork database & expertise to find an open venue that met all the requirements, providing ample space for attendees to move around throughout the night. The selected venue included a separate kitchen area for volunteer pancake and waffle preparation.
  2. Catering Coordination: Attendees were able to order their favorite pancake or waffle combinations using a convenient QR code system implemented by us to ensure a seamless dining experience for attendees. They coordinated with the caterers to provide unlimited orders and a self-serve topping station with a variety of delicious options.
  3. Volunteer Management: We streamlined volunteer coordination by developing a structured schedule and clearly defining roles and responsibilities.
  4. Day-of Coordination: Overseeing vendor setup, volunteer assignments, and ensuring the event followed the detailed timeline and schedule created for Salaam Foundation.
"AfterWork played a pivotal role in our awareness-raising event's success. Their expertise in vendor coordination, volunteer management, and efficient communication helped us overcome significant challenges. We were able to focus on our cause, connect with our community, and expand our presence in the Bay Area. AfterWork's support was invaluable in creating a seamless and impactful event." - Al Hirani, Founder of Salaam Foundation

Results, results, results!

  1. Successful Awareness-Raising Event: The all-you-can-eat pancake and waffle night orchestrated by AfterWork served as a powerful platform for Salaam Foundation to raise awareness about their cause. Attendees were immersed in a unique and engaging experience, deepening their understanding of the organization's mission and fostering community connections.
  2. Cost Optimization: Our expertise in vendor negotiation and budget management enabled Salaam Foundation to maximize their impact while staying within their very limited budget.
  3. Increased Community Engagement: Through efficient volunteer management and day-of coordination, we empowered Salaam Foundation to engage their community effectively. Volunteers received clear guidance, allowing them to contribute their skills and passion while ensuring a seamless and enjoyable experience for attendees.

Written by: 
Afra Nehal, COO