Elevating Real Estate Experiences: Doorvest's Networking Event

At a prior networking event, as fate would have it,  the Afterwork team met Doorvest, a real estate company looking to make a splash in the local market.

Doorvest had always dreamt of hosting events but found planning events time consuming and complex. We knew that we were the missing puzzle piece to Doorvest's event series, and together, we set out to create unforgettable experiences that would captivate the local population interested in real estate.

Here's how it went:

  1. Attendee Satisfaction: 95% of attendees loved it!
  2. Lead Generation: The Doorvest team received 6-10 inquiries from potential clients!
  3. Cost Savings: Doorvest saved 40% on event planning cost
  4. Event Planning Efficiency: Doorvest's marketing team saved over 32 hours of planning!
  5. Afterwork successfully handled all logistics, vendor coordination, and on-site management, allowing the Doorvest team to focus on other priorities.

Doorvest's Goals:

We sat down with the Doorvest team, to understand their objectives and requirements for the event series. Doorvest wanted to make a splash in the San Francisco market and connect with individuals passionate about real estate. They envisioned events that would showcase their expertise while providing attendees with an unforgettable experience. There one non-negotiable? An open bar to keep the good vibes flowing, all within a strict budget. With their busy schedules as a series-A startup, they needed a turnkey solution that would let them focus on what they do best while we took care of the event logistics.

AfterWork's Solution:

We took care of every logistical detail, from coordinating with vendors: venue, catering, drinks & more, and managing it all to ensure smooth event coordination. The Doorvest team, didn't lift a finger, enjoyed the journey alongside their guests, confident that we had everything under control.

The intimate gatherings created an atmosphere where guests felt connected, forming genuine relationships with the Doorvest team. Our open bar setup kept the spirits high and the conversations flowing. The personalized touches and attention to detail made each event feel like a true Doorvest experience. Attendees left knowing an alternative option to investing in real estate, Doorvest!

The turnkey event solution we provided allowed the Doorvest team to focus on their core responsibilities while leaving the event planning magic to us. We allowed Doorvest to maximize their impact while minimizing their time investment, enabling them to focus on building relationships with prospective clients.

Working with AfterWork helped them drive brand awareness, connect with their target audience, elevate their local marketing presence, and foster new connections! win win!

Written by: 
Afra Nehal